Month: July 2018

Game Changing Social Media Scheduler for Creative Entrepreneurs

As a business owner, time is a thing difficult to come by. One thing you'll quickly learn is that you don't have time to post multiple posts on all your business social media accounts every day. There are a lot of other priorities on your to-do list and keeping your audience engaged can be an ... read more

Start Quilling Your Own Art

  Quilling is the art of using paper strips to create various shapes to form a decorative design. I started learning Quilling a couple years ago and have since fallen in love with using paper as an art medium. It's very versatile and you're only limited by your imagination. With a little patience and practice, anyone ... read more

Top 15 Unique Photoshop Actions

Whether you are editing photos, creating digital art, or designing a book cover, Photoshop actions can speed up your design process. There are many ways to combine various actions to achieve unique results. What exactly are Photoshop actions? These are specific actions recorded in photoshop that can then be applied to a photo of your ... read more

The One Stock Resource Every Artist and Designer Needs

I'm an Artist, Designer, and Entrepreneur. If you're like me, you may have waisted a lot of time and money searching for graphics to help speed up your design process or for something to help complete a project by its deadline. Less than a year ago, I discovered the stock site Envato Elements and it ... read more

Learn How to Draw and Paint Books for Under $10

As an artist, I believe in continuous learning. Art books are a great way to learn new techniques and to enhance your skills. Whether you're a beginner looking to get started or just want practice, these books are a great deal! How to Draw Animals (Paperback) $ 5.96 Drawing animals requires fast thinking and quick ... read more

Learn How to Draw

Admit it. You saw a cool piece of artwork at one point or another and said, "I wish I could draw". I'm here to tell you that you can. Anyone can learn how to draw with a little patience and practice. You don't have to go to some expensive college or upscale art studio in ... read more