Game Changing Social Media Scheduler for Creative Entrepreneurs

As a business owner, time is a thing difficult to come by. One thing you’ll quickly learn is that you don’t have time to post multiple posts on all your business social media accounts every day. There are a lot of other priorities on your to-do list and keeping your audience engaged can be an enormous task.

When I first started trying to manage my business’s social media, I used the popular platform Hootsuite. However, I felt it really lacked the visual representation I was looking for and overall just felt overwhelmed. It’s also a bit pricey for a small business to use a platform that doesn’t even end up working out.

Earlier this year, I discovered a new platform called Because it’s relatively new, they are still in the process of developing features, but the features they currently have were more than enough to win me over.


The first feature that caught my attention was the visual representation of what the post will look like. Here is a shot of my DIYvinci workspace. Once you’ve connected your page, it’ll pull in your current profile and timeline cover images, though there is also an option to hide this if you feel it gets in the way.



This is what the feed view looks like. I primarily use this view because it’s closest to how the post will appear when it’s published.

Each post preview allows you to see the image, video, or link view, edit text, and set a date the post is to be published.


Another way to view your post is with the calendar view. It condenses the posts into a thumbnail on the days they have been scheduled. It’s a quick way to verify that you have enough posts for a given day and what is still needed.


The last way to view your posts is in a list view. I personally don’t use this view very often, but it’s another way to quickly locate a post.


Team Members and Approval Process

Another feature that was a huge selling point for me was the ability to add multiple team members with various roles. I’ve added a couple freelancers to help with post creation to my business and it really helps keep everything organized by seeing who created the posts.

You can view and add your team members in the top bar on the right-hand side.


After one of my freelancers creates a post, I can then either edit or approve the post to be scheduled simply by clicking the green arrow on the left side of the post and then hitting the arrow button just below the approval checkmark. There is also an option to add comments on the post that are only visible to you and your team members.


There are many additional features that make this platform worth utilizing such as rich details, duplicate and sync posts, drag and drop media, saving posts as Facebook ads, setting your target audience, labels, filters, version history, and much more.

Not only is it great for a single business, but also is great for those who are social media managers who work for multiple companies. You can have all your workspaces under one account. I personally have two workspaces. One for my company DIYvinci and one for my personal art business.

The last major plus for me is the price. Planable’s plans start out at just $14 a month with other plans to fit your business size and needs. Want to learn more? Check out their website here:

What are your must-have features in a social media publishing platform?


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