The History of Quilling

What is Quilling? Quilling is the art of using paper strips to create various shapes to form a decorative design.

The practice of quilling has been around for centuries and used by people of all backgrounds around the world.

Monks during the time of the Renaissance used quilling to decorate book covers and religious items.

In the 18th century, woman in Europe used quilling on jewelry boxes, frames, baskets, and purses. Young ladies were often taught how to quill as a proper pastime for the upper class. During this time, Quilling was more known as a type of filigree and wasn’t called quilling until it was later introduced into the American colonies. Some believe the term Quilling came about because those who partook in the hobby sometimes used a goose quill to roll the paper strips.

Old book, quill and black ink

Today, there are a plethora of tools and uses for quilling. At first glance, quilling may seem daunting and complicated. However, once you learn the basic shapes, and with a bit of patience and practice, it’s easy for anyone to create intricate designs. Ready to start your masterpiece? Join me on Patreon and I’ll teach you how to get started!

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