Top 8 Facebook Groups to Join for Artists

Facebook isn’t just for seeing what your friends are up to. It’s a great source to find groups full of like-minded individuals and also people that could be interested in your work.

These are the best Facebook groups to join if you’re an artist:

Promotion groups


The Artists Exchange

Members: 7000 approx.

Public Group

Looking to promote your work? The Artists Exchange is a community of artists sharing and promoting each other’s work. Artists, artisans, crafters, performing arts, photographers, and more, are all welcome to join.


All the Artists on Facebook

Members: over 18,700

Closed Group

A group to promote your work and also get critiqued, as well as giving critiques and compliments to others work. With almost 19,000 members, there is always someone there to see your work.


The Artist Hangout

Members: over 4,700

Public Group

The Artist Hangout is described as a community where great artists connect and also that connects with art buyers.


Artists, Painters, Unique Art

Members: over 16,400

Public Group

Share your art here and promote. The group is a large one so there will be plenty of eyes on your work.


Networking & Advice groups


Artists Share Honest Feedback

Members: over 1300

Closed Group

Looking for a critic of your work? This group values sharing honest feedback so you can make sure your work is the best it can be. It’s all fellow artists and you can even ask for advice as well as help others.


Creative Artist Group

Members: over 25,700

Closed Group

A link between beginners and experts, Creative Artist Group is full of artists connecting and sharing knowledge. Ideal if you’re just starting out and want advice and critiques.


How to Sell Your Artwork 

Members: over 1000

Closed Group

This is the place to be if you want to sell your work. It’s full of advice from full-time artist Tom Findlay on the business of making, marketing and selling artwork.


The Artist Entrepreneur Network

Members: over 17,600

Closed Group

The Artist Entrepreneur Network is another great source of learning about the business behind being an artist as well as a place to share your artwork and network with other artists.

It’s a well-structured group that has every day set aside for something different, i.e. What’s Up Wednesday to show your work in progress and Tutorial Tuesday where you have the opportunity to both learn and share something new.

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